Welcome to the new blog page


Welcome to the new BLOG page which will incorporate bits of current news on projects I’m currently immersed in, plus some questions from students and fans.


From left to right: Jason Rebello, Yuri Goloubev, Tim Garland, Pablo Held, engineer Ronan Phelan, at Masterchord Studios

I’ve long been a fan of the BBC’s Free Thinking Festival, with its curiously diverse bunch of lively academics and artists. This March I’ve been invited to share my music and thoughts on Radio 3 as the focus of this years festival ties in with the contrasting sides of my music-making, and how they remain unified.

By now, the definition of that word JAZZ  is so multifarious as to start limiting  its usefulness altogether.
Nothing will ever take away the greatness of what we consider Jazz’s historical golden age, but it might be more accurate, in these times, to call jazz an approach we have to Music, rather than a defined genre.
Anyhow, I’ll be discussing this,  how modern composition ties in with improvisation, and music’s application within visual media circles, with Radio 3’s Sarah Walker this March. This will also be the first time my new CD Weather Walker will get an airing, due out in June.

As I get older I increasingly appreciate the mastery of younger musicians with whom I come into contact. Enter Pablo Held!  the German pianist is my latest case in point. We played together for the first time a few days ago at Masterchord Studio, (surely the best recorded piano in our fair city!). Pablo is another stellar artist whose invention just keeps pouring out!.

Yes I do sometimes wish I’d stuck with the piano!  When you are in the same room with not just Pablo but Jason Rebello (they both feature on Weather Walker along with bass virtuoso Yuri Goloubev), you leave the ivories to the big boys! Weather Walker features a string orchestra which is at times 43 players strong, in studio 1 of our famous Abbey Road Studios and its iconic sound. More on this in future news, but the journey to the albums release continues to inspire me!


How do YOU get inspired? How do you STAY inspired? This will be a recurring topic in these blogs.  Well….
What kind of question are you starting your creative project with? A good one might be “What is my “life-blood”, what gives me that surge of energy whenever I think of it or encounter it?!”
Try holding that feeling as you begin, and start from a place of energy, joy and enthusiasm. Get that feeling as a prerequisite to starting the adventure, and find others who inspire.

This blog will often feature a link to a track I find inspiring, check this out..and check in again soon! This time I’m actually going to try and keep this up!

Track of the moment:
Django Bates
Horses In Rain (with Sidsel Endresen)

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