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CD  JAN 21st

Life to Life documents the culmination of three decades worth of respectful colleagueship between two of the UK’s most revered jazz musicians – keyboardist Jason Rebello and multi-reedist Tim Garland. Rebello and Garland are both lauded musicians who between them have worked with luminaries such as Sting, Chick Corea, Wayne Shorter and Jeff Beck.

Also long-time friends, the pair felt that it was time for their duo format to blossom at this point in their careers: “I just feel that we have to make music together,” says Rebello, “it's a natural outcome of two people that have known each other for a long time. It's also a learning experience,” he adds. “For me, it’s Tim's composition and creative abilities and ideas that I've really learned from.”

Garland agrees, “the thing about learning from each other - it's pretty crucial. When you're playing in a duet situation, you need that solid grounding. Every single thing you do, every part of the piano, every part of the horn is so evident. That grounding helps my more cerebral side to lock in with the now of the music and that's why it's so good for me to be working with Jason."

”Garland and Rebello assuredly demonstrate their shared instinctive and visceral musicianship on this 10-track duo record, which serves as an authentic output of the story so far of a strong and long-lasting friendship between two highly accomplished musicians."

Album opener ‘Two To Go’ refers to Rebello and Garland sharing the experiences of life on the road, a change of pace follows with ‘Soul Resonance’. “With these two new pieces” says Tim, "I wanted to minimise any compositional complexity and embody the essentials; the first with a solid but unhurried groove and the second through use of tone, line and spaciousness". ‘One Morning’ and ‘Samaii For Peace’ are from Garland’s back catalogue, reinterpreted here as duets. ‘One Morning’ features an arresting melody, whilst the celebratory theme of ‘Samaii For Peace’ soars above a complex time signature, handled effortlessly by Rebello.

Rebello’s compositions ‘As Free As The River’ and the flowing, yet intricate ‘Fire Of Benevolence’ demonstrate his fine compositional skills and allow Garland’s honeyed sax lines to stand out. ‘No Hope No Tears’, also by Rebello, provides an easily-met challenge for Garland on bass clarinet, and Chick Corea’s ‘Children’s Song No.6’ features as an homage to the Late jazz icon. Garland provides punchy melody lines courtesy of the seldom-heard sopranino saxophone – acknowledging Corea’s love for flute-register instruments. Speaking about Rebello’s composition ‘The Missing Ingredient’, Garland says, “we were after one particular type of number that we felt was not yet on the album. It turned out to be one that Jason wrote just the day before the session.” He continues, “there’s a spontaneous energy in it. After we heard it back, we thought, yeah, that's the album complete now."

Life To Life ends with a new and evocative arrangement of the Appalachian / Scottish folk tune ‘Black Is The Colour (Of My True Loves Hair’). “There’s an elemental beauty about some of these folk melodies,” says Garland, “they're irreducible, a form of human expression that feels timeless. It's powerful to tap into something so raw."

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